15 Best Financial Advice From Wealthiest People in the World

To achieve your financial goals, you have to quit and sacrifice some things that you do not even need in life like social media. They’re just a waste of time. To guide you on your financial success, I have listed the most powerful and life changing financial advice from different successful people in the world. Click on this post to continue learning the best financial advices from successful people in the world.

how to invest in bonds

How to Invest in Bonds to Build Wealth for Beginners

Bonds are simply loans. When you invest in a bond, you lend your money to a government, corporation, or organization. A bond is issued with a specific face amount or popularly known as principal. When you invest in a bond, it will pay you a certain rate of interest rate ranging from 5% to 30% annually depending on the type of bond. Usually, interest rates are paid to investors once or twice a year.