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7 Real Ways to Make Big Profits With a Smartphone

1.These methods are not only real, but also universal, therefore, in addition to a smartphone, a tablet and a computer simply connected to the Internet will do. At the same time, you can earn money anywhere: without leaving your home, lying on the beach or secretly from your boss at your workplace.

2. Another big plus of the proposed ways of earning is that you do not need any large start-up capital. The necessary funds, like in a fairy tale, will fall on you from the sky. Well, not quite from the sky, but they will definitely appear almost like in a fairy tale.

  1. And, finally, the third, really a huge plus. If you have a desire to learn and start making money yourself – fine, you can do it. But if you have neither the time nor the desire for this, then it is not necessary, others will work for you.


So, what is it all about?

We are talking about transactions in foreign exchange and cryptocurrency markets, trading shares of the largest companies, stock indices, gold, silver, and oil.

Why is only a smartphone or another gadget enough for such a serious business? All you need to do is go to the official website of the NordFX brokerage company, and everything will become clear to you. It was100 years ago, that, to complete a transaction, you had to shout at the top of your voice in the “pit” of the New York Stock Exchange, fill out paper orders or, at best, call your broker on the phone.

Now it is enough to open an account, download a special application on the NordFX site, and all the global financial markets are in your pocket. Or rather, in the smartphone that you have in your pocket.

With this application, you can get a huge amount of useful economic information, see the current quotes of stocks and currencies, and, most importantly, immediately make transactions, buying and selling a huge amount of all kinds of financial assets. At the same time, you get the opportunity to earn not only on the rise in the value of the dollar, yen, yuan, bitcoin or ethereum, but also on their fall.

That being said, in order to sell a ton of gold or 1,000 barrels of oil, you do not need to have them at all.


How to buy a ton of gold?

The word “buy” must be put in quotes, because by opening a buy deal, you do not physically receive these 1000 kg of precious metal. But if its price goes up, you’ll get exactly the same profit as if that ton of gold was stored in your bank safe or just under the bed in your bedroom. And all this thanks to the leverage and margin that the brokerage company is willing to provide you. 

For those who do not know, let us explain: a credit leverage is the amount of credit funds that a broker provides a trader with for making transactions on the market, automatically and without any collateral. Thus, if the leverage reaches 1:1000, then having in the account $100, the trader can make trades on the purchase/sale of currency and other financial instruments worth up to $100,000. And by opening an account with NordFX, you just become that very trader and borrower.


Now we count. A ton of pure gold is worth roughly $60 million. You don’t have that kind of money (or don’t yet), so you use a leverage of 1:1000 and open a deal to purchase (or sell) a ton of this metal, having on your account 1000 times less, that is, $60,000.

In just 1 day, the price of gold can change by 1% – this is a completely normal fluctuation. That is, if you opened a trade in the right direction, your profit will be $600 thousand dollars in just 24 hours. And this even though you invested only $60 thousand in it, that is, ten times less!

This sounds like a miracle. But miracles do happen sometimes. Especially in the world of finance. Otherwise, where do the new millionaires and even billionaires come from? However, let’s be honest: the calculations that we have just given are ideal at maximum risk. And we strongly advise you against risking all your capital. But even if you bought not a ton of gold, but 100 times less, that is, you would risk only 1% of your $60,000, you would receive a profit of $6 thousand dollars for that trading day, that is, 10% of the deposit, which is also very good. 


Now is the time to argue: “But I don’t have 60 thousand dollars!”

You do not have it? You do not need to! Just $10 is enough to start opening trades at NordFX. Of course, the profit will be thousands of times lower, but you can only lose this ten dollars. Which, you agree, isn’t a problem at all. The profit, however, can be equal to that as if you were operating with $10 thousand.


Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin for $150, Ethereum for $15

Buy Bitcoin for $150? And this despite the fact that now its price has risen to $10-11 thousand! This is not a joke, but reality. And all this is due to margin trading, the principle of which is similar to leverage.  

All in all, NordFX allows you to make transactions with 11 top cryptocurrencies, and all under the same super-profitable conditions. So, for a trade with ethereum only $15 is enough, EOS — $0.3, and an investment in 1 ripple will cost only 2 American cents! 


How to Trade in Financial Markets Without Trading

In fact, this is really possible, although it will require you to give part of the profit to the one who will do it for you. Let us name three main options for such trading:

1.PAMM accounts (from English Percent Allocation Management Module) is a classic, time-tested, simple, and convenient way to earn money. You act as an investor, choose one or several PAMM-managers from the NordFX rating, whom you trust with your funds to carry out transactions in the financial markets.

2. Copy Trading is another very popular kind of passive trading that allows you to profit even in the absence of independent trading experience, without any serious time costs and with minimal risks.

Just like in the PAMM service, you get complete statistical information, using which you choose in the first case the PAMM manager, and in Copy Trading – the provider of trading signals. The difference is that in PAMM-service the funds invested by you are credited to the manager’s account, from which he or she makes trades, and in the Copy Trading they remain with you, in your account, where the trades of the Signal Provider are automatically copied. 

3. Automatic Trading using expert advisor robots. An advisor robot is not an iron android at all, but a computer program that does not actually advise, but simply trades for you 24 hours a day, opening and closing transactions according to the parameters entered into it. You can buy or rent such a trading bot (you will have to pay for this to its owners and creators) or download it for free on the Internet. At the same time, we note: it is not at all necessary that expensive robots will turn out to be better than free ones, often the opposite is true.


About NordFX

Every experienced trader knows that it is not enough just to be able to trade. It is equally important on which trading platform, with which broker to do this. It’s like driving a car – you can be a super professional, a Formula One driver, but if you get behind the wheel of an old rusty car, you’ll never win the race. Trading in financial markets is also a race, a race for profit, only even more intense, since the price of victory here is your welfare, the welfare of your family and your loved ones.

Many have faced both freezing orders and inflated spreads, as well as problems withdrawing earned profits, and much more. All these obstacles get in the way of a trader if he or she makes the wrong choice of a broker. But there are also other brokers, who not only help the trader, but also give them a lot of new opportunities, thanks to which they can win any race, coming to the finish line by a huge margin.

They are sometimes referred to as financial markets supercars. One such supercar is brokerage NordFX, which consistently ranks in the Top 10 or Top 20 in many professional rankings.


Based on the voting results at TheForexAwards.com in 2016, NordFX was named Most Reliable Broker of the Year. The company received a similar award in 2017 at ShowFx World, and in 2018 the experts of the Global Brands Awards recognized it as the Most Reliable Cryptocurrency Broker. The reliability and quality of this broker’s work is also evidenced by the fact that over 1,500,000 accounts have been opened in NordFX by clients from almost 190 countries since 2008.


As a major licensed international broker, in recent years NordFX has been actively expanding its presence in the markets of Southeast Asia, including the Philippines. The company’s efforts in this direction have already been highly appreciated by the professional community. Its bonus programs and promotions were named the best in Asia at the Forex Expo Awards-2017. The same year, NordFX was awarded the Forex Awards as the Best Crypto Broker in Asia, and  the International Forex Traders Association (IAFT)  has twice recognized it as the Best Forex Broker of this world most important region of the planet in 2018 and in 2019. And already this year, 2020, the World Business Confederation, covering more than 130 countries, presented NordFX with the Business Excellence Award.


7 Real Ways for Big Earnings 

So, what are the ways to ensure that not only NordFX, but also you personally win the Business Excellence Award?

Recall that with the help of this brokerage company and your smartphone, tablet, or computer, you will get the opportunity to earn money in any of these ways:

1.Transactions in the Forex market (33 currency pairs)

2. Transactions in the cryptocurrency market (11 cryptocurrency pairs)

3. Transactions in the precious metals market (gold and silver)

4.  Oil Transactions

5. Transactions with major stock indices

6. Transactions with shares of nearly 70 leading world companies

7. Finally, transactions simultaneously with all or part of the trading instruments listed in p.p. 1-6.

Please do not forget that in all these cases you will have available leverage or margin, which will multiply your trading opportunities up to 1000 times. 


Major Advantages of NordFX:

  • Fast and easy online account opening

No paperwork or office visits. It only takes a few minutes.

  • Low spreads

For major currency pairs, spreads are from 0.0 pips, for crypto pairs – from 1.0 pips. The commission is minimal at ECN account, only 0.0035% per trade. All this significantly reduces your costs and increases your profits.

  • Huge selection of trading tools

33 currency pairs in the Forex market, precious metals, oil, 11 cryptocurrency pairs, stock indices (Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Nikkei, etc.), as well as CFD contracts on shares of almost 70 companies, including IBM, JP Morgan Chase , Coca-Cola, Mastercard, McDonalds, Microsoft, Twitter, UBER, eBay, Alibaba, Deutsche Bank and many more.

  • The world’s most popular trading platforms

MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal and mobile apps for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and Android.

  • Leverage up to 1:1000 for Forex trading and 1:5 for CFD contracts

  • Cryptocurrency margin trading

You need only $150 to open a trade with a volume of 1 bitcoin (while this cryptocurrency is now worth about $10.000). You need only $15 for a transaction in 1 Ethereum, and $0.02 for a trade of 1 Ripple.

  • Maximum availability for everyone

The minimum deposit is only $10. Accounts in USD, bitcoins or ethereums, at the choice of the client.

  • Stability, reliability, speed

Confident and efficient trading thanks to the stable operation of servers and platforms. Super-fast order execution – 0.5 seconds. Data transfer security thanks to Advanced Security technology. Special offer for renting a VPS server for 24/7 trading.

  • Safety of funds

Huge experience in repelling hacker attacks. In 12 years of operation, unlike crypto exchanges, there has not been a single hacking and not a single penny of customer funds has been lost either.

  • Easy and simple deposit/withdrawal of funds

A wide variety of ways to fund and withdraw funds from a trading account, including bank transfers, VISA and MasterCard bank cards, electronic payment systems Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, PayToday, Help2Pay and many others.

  • Social trading and passive investing

Such popular and time-tested methods of making a profit as PAMM accounts and Copy Tradingare at the service of traders and investors. The company was awarded the 2018 and 2019 Forex Awards as the Best Social Trading Network and the AtoZ Markets Awards-2020 as the Best Managed Account Platform


  • Analytics, forecasts, education

Regular Financial Market Analytics and Forecasts, Economic News Feed (Fxdailyinfo-2018 Best News & Analysis Provider Award).

A huge text and video library of educational materials designed for both beginners and experienced traders.

  • Affiliate program

A two-level IB-program that allows you to receive a commission fee of up to 65% revenue share. All kinds of compensation structures for partners. Comprehensive solutions for regional representatives and call centers.

NordFX’s IB-program was awarded the Forex Awards-2016 Award as Best Affiliate Program of the year, and in 2019 it received a diploma as Outstanding at the Saigon Financial Education Summit in Ho Chi Minh City

  • 24/5 Support 

It has been awarded Forex Expo Award – 2016 as Best Customer Service.


  If you want to start investing or trading with cryptocurrencies, large companies, commodities and forex, start opening an account now with NordFx, the leading global trading platform!

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