My Life Goals: 25 Ultimate List of Dreams and Goals

As an 18 year old ambitious and futuristic person and soon be turning 19 this coming month of September, I have lots of goals and dreams that I want to achieve before I die. Some of them are very realistic and some are totally unrealistic.

my life goals

I just want to share to everyone that it’s not bad to dream at all. Dream up high like an eagle! So if ever someone shared their dreams to you, never try to laugh at them! What if in the near future he/she will be more successful than you?

You have to always remember this no matter your current situation right now.

“You’re Never Too Young To Dream BIG!”

No matter your age, gender, nationality, religion, and financial status, you must never stop dreaming. You have to make lots of goals. Yes! I mean lots!

In this new blog post, I will be sharing to you my life goals and I hope this will inspire you to list down your life goals too! 

Disclaimer: I made this post not to brag others but to inspire you to start defining your life goals too!

“Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.”

25 Life Goals: My Ultimate List of Dreams and Goals

1. Finish my college degree

My first ever life goal is to finish my college degree which is Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). I chose this course not only to earn huge amount of money but it’s passion to help other people most especially those who are suffering from certain diseases. 

2. Study in a foreign country

The second on the list of my life goals is basically to study abroad. I’ve always wanted to study abroad not only for travel purposes but to enhance my knowledge on different things. However, due to financial problems, it looks like I can’t make it but I’m still praying that one day, my dream to study abroad will come true.

My dream school is not Harvard University but it’s University of Oxford, a university located in Oxford, United Kingdom. It’s not just all about having good looking white mates but it’s all about the high quality education it offers to the students. 

P.S: I love British people tho. 

3. Pursue my career as Registered Nurse (RN)

Becoming a Registered Nurse is not actually my first choice. Because of the medical dramas that I watched on Netflix, I realized I should be an RN not a teacher or cabin crew. Right now, I still love watching medical dramas. Some of the best medical dramas I’ve already watched are The Good Doctor (MC: Shaun Murphy), Doctor Romantic, The Resident, and so many more.

4. Save lots of money

When I was 12 years old, I already started saving money and while growing up as an adult, saving money became part of my habit. I do have lots of reasons why I save lots of money and here they are:

  • Fund my travels
  • To invest in stocks
  • Buy things that I want
  • For college expenses
  • Build my dream mansion house, etc.

So those are just few reasons why I save most of my money. As you can see, I’m a thrifty type of person so if ever you met me along the road, don’t you dare to judge me because my money almost went to my bank accounts. 

“Having goals is very important that you have some direction in your life.”

-James Nelson


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5. Diversify my investments

The fifth on the list of my life goals is to diversify my investments. I always mention this on my blog posts. So why I diversify my investments? Basically, that is to maximize the profits or income I receive. More sources of income, the better.

Right now, I don’t have lots of investments but as soon as possible, I will try to invest more most especially that almost all markets are down due to the pandemic.

6. Eat healthy kinds of foods

For my body to function very well and to avoid any sickness, I always prioritize the kinds of foods I consume every single day. I’m so aware and conscious on the foods that I put on my stomach.

I read an article from a website (I forgot it’s name) saying that when you eat healthy foods daily, there’s a higher chance that you will live your life longer compared to those people who are consuming unhealthy foods.

I believe it’s absolutely true that’s why I always avoid eating unhealthy foods such as junk foods, very sweet foods, oily foods and many more.

7. Avoid debts at all

I know debts are good in some other ways but having bad debts are the worst. I promised myself that I will be forever responsible if ever I have debts. 

I was also informed that having debts and paying it on time increases your credit score that’s why as early as now, I started applying for loans and at the same time, I lay them before the due date to avoid any late fees.

8. Do workouts everyday

It’s my life goal to always have a healthy body and doing workouts will make it possible. Everyday, I do light workouts for me to stay strong and fit. 

I have that dream of having a model body that’s why I already started doing workouts. Haha! But seriously, I know that doing workouts will lead to a better and happy life. So you should also start doing workouts if you want to have a longer life!

9. Travel the whole world

Traveling the whole world is on top of my life goals because I would personally like to explore and visit new places. If ever you want to know my top dream destinations, here they are:

  • New Zealand
  • Switzerland
  • Maldives
  • Sydney, Australia
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Paris (Eiffel Tower)
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Norway (Northern Lights)
  • New York City
  • Santorini, Greece
  • Athens, Greece
  • Antarctica
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan

So if ever you live on these amazing places or you’re planning to visit these most beautiful and gorgeous places on very soon, please never forget to invite me! Haha! 

Or if you want to offer me a FREE VISIT, that would be very great. I will accept it right away! I already have my passport! Haha!

10. Try sky diving 

I never did sky diving before that’s why I would like to challenge myself to have new experiences. I know sky diving will take your heart away but I really want to try it no matter what.

So if ever you go sky diving, please don’t forget to invite me! Haha! Because that would be the best moment of my life ever!

11. Visit South Korea 

South Korea is one of my best dream destination and it’s not just for the purpose of traveling and visiting those crazy beautiful landmarks but I have other personal reason for that. I don’t like to reveal that reason to everyone because I’m totally sure everyone will get shocked and will eventually laugh at me. 

So it’s better if I will keep it as a secret. If ever you want to know that secret as long as you keep it as a secret too, feel free to send me a DM on Instagram. I will reply to you very fast.

12. Be a humble servant of God

I know that without God, we are all nothing so it’s our biggest responsibility to always serve the Lord with all our heart and wit all our soul. I will always be forever grateful to the Lord for giving me a happy life.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”


13. Live in a foreign country

It’s my dream for a very long time to live in a foreign country because I would like to experience the culture, meet other people, and so many other personal reasons. It’s my personal choice so let’s not talk about it.

However, if you want to foster me, I would love that.

14. Become a model

I know that becoming a model is quite hard but I will do whatever it takes to become a model. My main purpose is not just to be featured on billboards, televisions, magazines, and social media but I would like to spread awareness to everyone. 

I want to spread the awareness of staying physically fit and healthy. You should watch out on your body! Because the duration of your life depends on your lifestyle. It’s true and you have to believe on what I’m saying. IDC if you don’t believe.

15. Build my own dream house

The fifteenth on the list of my life goals is to build my dream house. When I was a child, it’s already my dream to put up my dream house. I will take it as my biggest gift to myself.

I would like to thank those Instagram real estate accounts for showing me those beautiful and stunning mansions. Because of those amazing pics, I was totally motivated to save more money for me to buy those properties. Thank you!

If you have a dream, work hard for it because it won’t come true if you don’t do right actions. Trust me mate. You have to work hard and never give up no matter what.

16. Teach young children and students

So, I really want to become a teacher because there’s one thing I want to teach to everyone and that is FINANCIAL LITERACY. I know that through financial literacy education, everyone will achieve their ambitious goals like me.

Financial literacy will teach you how you can manage your own personal finances, save more money, invest your money, avoid debts, and eventually how you can have a better way of life. There’s so much thing to learn when it comes to financial education so you have to invest more time learning it.

The good news is that this blog, Finance Talk PH, brings you closer to financial education. It is a personal finance blog that will help you from managing your own money to achieving financial success. So you have to bookmark this website in case you want to deepen your knowledge when it comes to financial education. Don’t worry because you won’t be paying anything. 

17. Be an advocate of change

There’s a lot of things happening on our world right now and the worst one is Climate Change. Our planet is getting hotter and hotter because of us humans. Its negative effects are very devastating so we all humans must learn from it’s negative impacts. 

Icebergs are melting, trees are getting burned, water levels are increasing due to the ice melting on the North and South Pole, and so many more. What more do humans want to see?

I would like to help stop the worst effects of climate change and I want everyone to open up their eyes and start doing the right actions. I believe that if all of us will work together as one, we will achieve our main goal and that is to stop Climate Change.

18. Help and serve the needy

I honestly feel very sad most especially when I see families and children suffering from hunger and sickness. They also can’t afford to go to school, buy things they want, and most especially food.

The place that struck my heart the most is the squatter areas in Manila, Philippines most especially in Tondo. Most of the families living there have no access to healthcare, education, food, and shelter. They have no resources and most of them are unemployed.

Those families are suffering day by day on where they can get food to feed the hungry stomach of their children. The worst part is that children go to streets to look for food on garbages and they also became beggars on the streets. 

I feel so sad on the current situation of those thousands of families and if ever I have billions of money, I will donate it and make their lives even more better. I will build houses for them and provide jobs for them to earn a living. And I can’t wait for that moment to come.

19. Become an actor

Yeah! It’s my dream to become an actor someday and I always pray it will come true. I love acting and I want myself to be featured on the television. I don’t aim for fame or money. Instead, I want to prove to myself that I can do lots of things from being a nurse, to becoming an actor. 

20. Build my own Foundation

The number 20 on the list of my life goals is to build my own foundation. Here, I’m not talking about the foundation men and women put on their face but rather I’m referring to the foundation that will help deserving students to pursue their studies for them to achieve their life goals.

I know that education is quite expensive most especially to those who belong in poor families that’s why I would like to put up a foundation so that students and children who cannot afford to go to school will be able to go to school again and learn and explore new things. 

21. Build and create my own company

When I was in high school, I already planned of building my own company not only to earn profits but to also to offer jobs to the unemployed individuals. 

Unemployment here in my country is so high and is currently increasing day by day. It’s so heart breaking that’s why if ever I already have my company, I will hire people for them to earn paycheck and at the same time to decrease the unemployment rate for at least 5%.

22. Become a world leader

This goal seems to be very unrealistic but I still hope and pray it will come true. I will never stop hoping for this to happen!

First of all, why I want to become a world leader? I want to become a world leader so that I will remove and punish those thousands of corrupt and evil government politicians. They don’t deserve to be on those positions! And they shouldn’t be stealing the money of the people! 

Millions of people are becoming poorer just because of their evil actions and they should pay for it. If I will be a world leader, I will kick all of them out from this planet! LOL! 

But seriously, I want to contribute to the development on the lives of many people and eventually inspire them to live their life to the fullest.

Forget your problems, move out from your comfort zones, and go out to explore the beauty of life. There’s a lot of reasons to be happy so you should now start smiling today! Just smile and everything will dramatically change. Trust me.

23. Give my parents a better way of life

My parents are my best heroes because they are the one who supported me on my dreams so it’s my biggest responsibility to give back what they have shown to me. 

I will give them a better life and at the same time thank them for everything they have done. Thanks to their lots of sacrifices, hard work, and efforts. I love you mom and dad!

24. Live a simple and meaningful life

I just want to tell to everyone that life is not all about luxury, money, and gold. Our life is not meant to have those luxurious things.

So if ever I achieved all my life goals someday, I will still live my life simple and humble. And I will be forever grateful to all those people who supported me on my journey. 

There’s no need to showcase luxurious properties to the public. And I just want to share this experience to everyone and I hope you’ll get a lesson from this.

I have lots of friends and some of them are pretending to be rich well in fact their parents are working under the hot sun the whole day. It’s so sad on my part because they don’t know how to accept the reality. I tried to talk to them but I didn’t push through because I know that they will feel mad at me. I hope you got the lesson!

25. Get married!

my life goals

The last on the list of my life goals is to get married on the person I love the most. Duhh! I don’t want to stay single for the rest of my life! And I can’t even wait for that very special moment our marriage will take over.

It’s actually my goal to get married at the age of 27 because I can’t wait to see the beautiful and handsome faces of my dear children. 

So to my crush who is currently living in Sydney, Australia, I can’t wait for the moment we’ll get married in Maldives! Stay safe because COVID-19 is dangerous. Haha!

“My goal is not to be better than anyone else, but to be better than I used to be.” -Wayne Dyen


So, what are my current actions towards my ambitious life goals?

Well, as a young individual, I do have few investments and later be diversified. I have different investments such as stocks, mutual funds (indexed funds, bond funds, money market funds, equity funds), high yield savings accounts, and etc. 

In addition, I’m currently learning some fresh new skills like digital marketing, web development, graphic design, and photography in popular online learning platforms most specifically Udemy, Skillshare, and Coursera.

*It’s totally FREE so you should consider learning new skills too from these online platforms!

Everyday, motivate myself to do more things for me to be more productive. I do things that can help me become the better version of myself. I spend my time reading life changing and inspiring books from well known authors. Honestly, it’s worth it!

Before I end this article, you have to remember:

Dream Big,

Set Goals,

Take action!

So how about you? What are your life goals? Can you identify at least 25 of them? Let’s talk about them!

50 thoughts on “My Life Goals: 25 Ultimate List of Dreams and Goals

  1. I love seeing people aim high and try their best to reach their goals! I see some of mine in this list. I hope you pursue being a nurse. I have licenses to practice both in the Philippines and California, I’m also a masters degree holder. I’m telling you, it’s going to be tough but it’s SUPER WORTH IT! Good luck, Arris!

  2. Reach for your dreams, as they say you only live once…make the most out of it. Thank you for sharing with us your life goals.

  3. I have a long list of dreams and goals I am currently working on. This just motivates me even more to continue what I am doing and I am cheering you on from the sidelines because everyone deserves to live the life they want. Working towards your dreams and goals should motivate you to be better than you were the day before.

  4. Very rightly said that you are never to young to dearm big. Always dream big and work towards achieving them, perseverance is the key. May you achieve your goals. Good luck.

  5. I like your life goals. I do have some similar to yours. I know that some of my goals will now be impossible to achieve this late in life, but I am still hoping and still working hard to make them a reality.

  6. Thank you for sharing! I love most of your goals. I’m in my early 20’s now, will check my bucket list again!

  7. This is a great set of goals! As of right now I’m focusing on number 9, traveling! This makes me want to sit down and write out my own list of goals, thanks for sharing!

  8. These are all great goals! It is nice to have a life goals list like this. I’m not sure I even ever knew what I wanted to do with my life!

  9. It’s always great to have goals. Personally I feel like I’ve reached the majority of my major goals and anything left are just things I’d like to work towards – long term, more difficult goals if you will.
    Thank you for sharing.

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