6 Brilliant Money Tips I’ve Learned as an Average Student

As a young, confident and responsible student,I’ve learned so many things most especially when it comes to managing my personal finances to achieving my life goals. And here I am, sharing to you the most powerful money tips I’ve learned on my journey.

The best thing about these ones is that I didn’t learn them from school or even from my parents. Instead, I learned them from my past experiences and on my own.

I’m not born with super rich parents. Our family is so simple and we don’t have such beautiful house, car, and other luxurious things. We just belong in average family. 

And I’m not shy to tell everyone that I belong to a poor family. Actually, I’m contented on what I have and the important thing is I’m living a happy and comfortable life.

So, in this new article, I will be sharing to you some money saving tips I’ve learned from my own experiences. 

Are you excited? Let’s now begin! 

6 Money Saving Tips I’ve Learned as a Clever Student

1.Every small amount matters


Everytime I receive my allowance, I go out and buy things that I want. I even hang out with my friends to buy and order milktea and some other yummy foods. 

I also spend most of my money on subscribing to mobile data plans. In a single week, I spend almost P300 on buying load just for me to surf on the Internet, watch Youtube and Tiktok videos, and check my social media accounts.

After wasting my money on such things, I came to the point that I have to save money not only to save but to secure my own future. I have lots of goals that I want to achieve like buying my own mansion house, travel the whole world, buy a brand new car and many more.

That’s why I thought if my everyday lifestyle is the same forever, then I won’t be able to achieve all my goals in life. That time, I really decided to take lots of sacrifices and be mindful when it comes to my own finances.

I also started to make my own budget for me to easily track how my money is spent and for me to understand and analyze my current financial situation.

So, to all young individuals out there who want to achieve their goals and dreams in life, I now want to tell you that you have to be mindful and knowledgeable when it comes to your own finances

Track your spending and as possible, avoid spending your money on things that are useless. Money is everything so you have to be careful. 

It’s so easy to spend money but it takes lots of time to earn it. Nail it!

2.Stop Buying Things That Don’t have Value

Honestly, I’m the type of person who loves buying personal things such as shoes, clothing, and some other things. In addition, I’m also addicted to online shopping. I just buy things that I want because I have money.

Guess what? I actually got broke and I even pretended to my friends and family that I my money went to school fees and tuition. Well, inside my heart, I have that regret and pain for losing my money on online shopping

I felt very sad on myself. On the meantime, I looked on the things I bought online and I got mad because some looks not genuine and the quality of the products I purchased are not that good. I planned to return some of my orders but unfortunately, the seller doesn’t accept returns.

That time, I really felt very sad. I regret everything! I promised to myself that I will never ever order products again. I uninstalled shopping apps installed on my phone and started to forget about them. 

From now on, I stopped buying things online. Everytime I want something that I really needed the most, I go to physical stores to buy them instead of ordering them online.

So, if you order a product online, I highly recommend you to check the reviews of the customers that bought the product and also check if the seller is legit and can be trusted.

3.Avoid social media for some time

Social media for me is quite addictive and that’s the thing I hope I learned before. Now, I spend most of my time scrolling on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms. It looks like my life is so boring that I only spend my time scrolling my phone.

Social media is actually good but once it becomes an addiction, it’s very hard to stop it for sometime. That’s the case happened to me before and I’m so happy for now because my time is spent correctly.

I don’t actually spend my time in social media to impress other people, and react and share other’s posts but instead I use social media to learn something new and communicate with my family and loved ones. That’s how I use social media for now. 

So, to all people out there, don’t use social media for granted. Stop showing off your expensive clothes and personal things because it’s not good and no one cares on your expensive things. Also, to other people pretending and acting like a rich person, stop it and be yourself. Don’t be so fake! 

4.Minimize hanging out with friends

My friends are considered to be my treasure and I always value them the most. We love each other and we always hang out everytime.

We have so many plans like traveling to other places but some of them didn’t come true. However, the most memorable adventure I had with my best friends is when we visited the most scenic place in our community. We also visited a strange cave and I think it’s the worst place I ever visited in my entire life. The holes are too small and looks like I can’t enter it. But when I entered the cave, it’s so beautiful and breath taking.

However, the bad side of hanging out with my friends is that I spend most of my money when I’m with them. It’s because we go outside and buy things whatever we want. My friends’ favorite is milktea so I have to keep up with them. 

From now on, I decided to minimize times I hang out with my friends because when I hangout with them, my money disappears too fast. I learned that lesson and I’m not shy to tell it to everyone. 

5.Cook my own food instead of buying from stores and streets

I honestly love eating delicious foods most especially when I’m with my best friends. However, day after day, I noticed that my wallet is running out of money. In short, I got broke just because of eating out. I got mad and depressed because of my ignorant actions. 

That’s the time I realized that I have to change my own lifestyle because if not, it might get worst. The next day, I cooked my own food and everytime I go to school, I pack my own lunch instead of buying my lunch outside.

After a month, a strange thing happened! I noticed that my wallet is full of thousands and hundreds of money and it looks like that my allowance is almost the same.

After that wonderful and awesome action I just did, I realized that I can save most of money by just avoiding eating out. And from that day, my life totally changed. I now started to cook my own food and avoid eating delicious foods.

6.Open a Bank Account

I think opening a bank account is the best thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. It didn’t only helped me secure my hard-earned money but it also helped me keep some of my money for my own future.

Every month, I challenge myself to deposit at least 40-50% of my whole allowance instead of spending them into useless things. Day after day, saving a little amount of penny became my habit.

Honestly, I’m a thrifty type of person. I hate buying things that don’t offer me a long term value. Instead of buying expensive clothes and shoes like what other people do, I deposit my money to my own bank account to increase my net worth.

I’m an ambitious and futuristic person that’s why I take lots of actions, sacrifices, and risks for me to achieve all my goals in life. And opening a bank account is just the first step I made in achieving my financial freedom.


To all young people out there no matter your identity, age, gender, and social status, I want to tell you that you have to prioritize saving money while you’re young

Instead of buying things that don’t give you a long term value, why not keep your money in your bank account for you to secure your own future

No one can predict what will happen in the future that’s why I challenge you to always prioritize your savings and your future.

Take lots of sacrifices today and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy the long term benefits in the coming future. Be responsible, always work hard, and never forget to seek help from God.

So, these are the special money tips I’ve learned as a young student and I hope you learned something from my experiences.

What about you? What are the money tips you learned from your experiences? Let me know them in the comment box below!

25 thoughts on “6 Brilliant Money Tips I’ve Learned as an Average Student

  1. Great money saving tips in this one. As a someone who has a Degree in Economics I am impressed.

  2. Yes giving self social media breaks its healthy. Its good to connect without a distraction and it helps your money flow better.

  3. I agree, social media and sometimes friends are huge factors in spending much. Back then, my friends called me as a “not outgoing person” just because I always decline on out-of-town trips and shopping, lol.

  4. It’s amazing how much money people spend on meals and drinks out. That $5 or more latte could be a 50 cent coffee from home in your travel mug, leaving you over $20 to save each week.

  5. Such a great tips I need to consider too. I agree the less time on social media can save more money. Lol! as a facebook user person, all in my newsfeed, about online selling that’s why they tease me to buy their products. Lol

    Elizabeth O

  6. Great advice, thanks. I agree that it’s important to buy things that have a value, value and price should be always evaluated together.

  7. Great tips! Well done for taking note of all of these while still being a student…it’s GREAT! And yes, there are a lot of FAKE people in this world…pretending/thinking they someone they not, and plenty that make out like they are so rich, when actually they have nothing…I wish more would learn to just be themselves!

  8. These tips are so important! In order to save more, you have to make sure that you’re only buying the essential stuff and to track down your expenses.

  9. Lots of great tips here. So true- every little bit helps and it adds up in the end. Thanks for sharing!

  10. These are some interesting tips you’ve gathered. It is definitely a bit sad that we often have to sacrifice fun to in order to save money.

  11. For someone so young, I’m impressed by all that you’ve learned about money. I wish someone would have taught me so much when I was your age.

  12. Some fabulous tips here, agree that even a small amount matters and saving a little at a time and keeping it in a bank account eventually does add up. I do reduce heading out with friends to once or twice a month or on special occassions

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