20 Easy Tricks to Save Money in 2021

Want to know how to save money? 

Well Congratulations! You came to the right place!

Actually, saving money is definitely very easy!

By following this easy money saving tips, I strongly believe you can save hundreds or even thousands of bucks.

20 Easy Tricks To Save More Money in 2020

1.Track your Spending

If you want to know how your money is being spent, you have to track your spending. 

What do I mean? Every product you buy or anything where you spend your money, list them down on a clean paper or notebook.

In that way, you’ll be able to see how your money is being spent and what you can do to lessen your spending.

For an instance, you found out that most of your money is being spent on load or data subscription. After that, you have to do something to lessen that expense. 

Preferably, buy a mobile data plan that is valid for a month. This simple way can help you save your money a lot.

Be wise on what things you buy. Focus on your NEEDS not your WANTS.

2.Start making your own budget

If you make your own budget, you will be able to monitor how your money is being spent.

In this way, you will be able to avoid spending on things that are not important.

Make a budget and stick to it. 

Because if you’re not sticking to your budget, you’re just fooling yourself. 

3. Stop your Vices


Your vices is your worst liability. It’s not only eating your money but it also has negative health effects on your body. It can also be the cause of your death. Watch out.

For example, if you spend P300 weekly just for cigarettes, you could have saved an amount of P1,200 ($24) a month, P14,000 ($280) in a year and P70,000 ($1,400) in 5 years.

If you did that, I’m sure you can now buy a plane ticket to Australia or Bali.

That’s a very huge amount of money right? 

That’s why you should definitely get rid of your vices. Live healthy for you to have longer life.

4.Cut out your subscriptions

Your subscriptions is one of the reasons why you can’t save even a little amount of money.

If you’re subscribed to an Internet plan which costs you P5,000 ($100) monthly just for 30 MBPS/ you should definitely think again.

Look for other Internet providers that offers lower costs and higher MBP/S. This simple and easy action can let you save money.

5.Cook your own food

Cook food

Instead of buying foods outside, you have to cook your own food. It’s healthy with no preservatives.

Foods that are sold outside are actually a little bit more expensive but if you cook it for yourself, the costs are lower.

Avoid eating out in expensive restaurants because you’re just losing your money.

The best thing you can do if you’re a student or an employee is to pack your own lunch than eating out in restaurants. Cook your own food, pack it and bring it to your school or workplace.

This simple method can surely help you save more money. Try it!


If you are an employee, student or whatsoever, the best thing you can do is to commute.

For you to save more money on transportation, you have to walk. In fact, did you know that walking is the best form of exercise?

According to Better Health Channel, walking is a great way to improve your overall health. When you walk everyday, your bones becomes more stronger, bad fats starts to melt, and lessens your risks of developing conditions like heart disease. 

Walking has thousands of benefits on your body that is why you should walk.

You didn’t only burn calories but you also helped  Mother Nature. You helped in lessening the production of greenhouse gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides which is mainly produced by public vehicles.

If your workplace or school is few minutes away from your house, you should definitely walk.

When you walk, you’ll get in shape too. You will become more sexier and strangers will surely notice your jaw dropping beauty.

7.Define your NEEDS and WANTS

For you to save more, you have to know the difference of needs versus wants.

NEEDS are the one you need to live such as foods, clothes, and shelter while WANTS are the things you can live without like car, and smartphone.

You have to be very wise enough when it comes to needs and wants. Prioritize your needs and get rid of your wants. 

8.Consider No Spend Challenge

If you want to save massive amount of money, you should definitely try this No Spend Challenge. 

How? In a week, try not to spend any amount from your allowance. This can be impossible but you should give it a try.

Try not to spend anything. Avoid eating outside with your friends, avoid shopping and always live below your means.

I’m sure at the end of the week, you will save at least 90% of your allowance.

I already tried this challenge when I was in High School and I can say this improved my overall savings. 

At the end of the week, I deposited my allowance in my savings account in full.

9.Increase your savings deposit each month

save money

The best way for you to save money is to increase the amount you deposit to your savings account every month.

If you implement this after receiving your monthly paycheck, you can save an impressive huge amount of money at the end of year.

Decide how much would you like to save in a year then divide the amount per month.

This is an sample how much should you save each month.

MonthTotal Deposit

10.Learn to say NO

Sometimes, our friends are the reasons why you spend a large amount of money.

They invite you to hangout with them or travel with them which makes you spend.

For you to have a better and peaceful life, learn to say no to whatever they say. If they invite you to drink with them at the fanciest bar in the city, you should not go with them.

Instead, spend your time with your family and have fun with them. This is more better than hanging out with your BI (Bad Influence) friends. 

You should also be wise when it comes to friendship goals. Choose those people who have dreams in life and surround yourself with smart and optimistic people.

The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say NO to almost everything.” -Warren Buffett

11.Live below your means

This world is full of material things. Believe it or not!

You don’t have to acquire lots of things (branded clothes, gadgets, expensive cars, mansions, etc.) because there will be a day that you will leave this place. 

You can’t bring you golds, money, and expensive properties to heaven. Even your Apple gadgets.

So what’s my main point? My main point is live your life simple but meaningful. Don’t get jealous on what others have. 

If your friends bought the latest smartphone in the market, don’t feel sad to yourself. Let them enjoy their newly bought phone.

Be contented on what you have and cherish every moment of your life. That’s a secret to a more peaceful life. Trust me.

You don’t have to impress other people. Take note that You’re born to express not to impress!

I don’t care if money makes you happy but for me, the best thing I have is my family, my future fiance and my faith to God.

12.Don’t Waste your money on brand names


Some people look at brand names rather than the quality. But for me it brand names doesn’t make sense.

Stop believing that branded items are way more better and worth it because it’s not actually true.

Sometimes I prefer to buy clothes on ukay-ukay rather than going to malls that offers very expensive prices. 

That’s why if you want to save more money, go to ukay-ukay instead.

13.Set your target savings

Setting a target savings in a short period of time motivates you to save more rather than to spend.

For example, if you want to save an amount of P500 ($10) in a week, this will let you not to spend any amount instead you save or keep it on your wallet.

14.Follow Income-Savings=Expenses Formula

This very simple method can drastically increase the numbers on your passbook.

Whenever you receive your paycheck, deposit first to your savings account at least 10% or even higher of your salary.

What is left after saving is the amount you will be using for your expenses. You can use it to purchase grocery products or your house bills.

For example, if you earn P100,000 ($2,000) a month, deposit at least P10,000 ($200) to your own savings account. Use P90,000 ($1,800) which is left to pay your house bills or any expenses.

15.Don’t buy unimportant things

I know there’s a lot of things we wanted to buy but are they really worth it? 

I’ve always wanted to buy iPhone 11 but I came to the point it’s not worth it anymore. I should invest the money in the stocks instead.

As Warren Buffet said, “Before buying one thing, think, analyze and evaluate first if they are really important.”

16.Drink lots of water

This may seem funny though.

Drinking water can help you save thousands of money. How?

Imagine when you go outside and you felt thirsty, the result is you buy slightly expensive beverages like energy drinks, soda or whatsoever.

At night, you hangout with your friends in a bar and you ordered different kinds of alcohols and wine. 

So what’s my point here? My point is drink water instead of drinking different kinds of beverages that are bad to your health. 

Did you even know that drinking alcohol can affect your brain, digestive system, and can cause heart attack?

That’s why why not drink water instead? Water hydrates your skin making it soft and smooth. Water is must!

17.Look for the best values

You can find high quality and different cost in the same product. However, there’s no guarantee that paying a high price will give you a high quality.

Supposedly you want to buy a car. Should you buy a new one or a second hand?

Imagine you have to options. Your first option is a brand new car which costs P2M ($40,000). On the other hand, a second hand car which costs (P1.2M ($24,000). So which would you choose?

You should definitely choose to buy the second hand car. Why? It is more fuel-efficient and cheaper to maintain and it’s not only that, you also saved an amount of P800K ($16,000).

When you buy one thing, compare it with the other. In this way, you’ll save hundreds of money.

18.Create list when shopping

There is a common mistake everyone do when they go shopping. They don’t create list of what they’re going to buy. That’s why, the result is they do impulsive buying.

For you to save money on shopping, create a list of specific products you are going to buy in the market. 

In that way, you lessen the chance of buying unimportant things.

19.Open a savings account

You shouldn’t be keeping your savings on your piggy bank or envelope because they can be easily stolen by anyone.

Instead, visit the nearest bank in your area and inform them that you want to open a savings account with them.

In this way, your savings is fully secured and cannot be easily stolen.

Also, the advantage of opening a savings account is that you can’t easily get your money since it is deposited on the bank.

You should also take advantage of COMPOUND INTEREST which is offered by your bank. It’s not just an interest because it helps you build wealth.

You have to save money and never opt to withdraw it. That’s the rule.

20.Look for Side Jobs

If you don’t have a job and a source of income, it basically means it’s impossible for you to save money.

To solve that, look for a side job that can give you an income.

If you’re a student, try doing part time jobs. It won’t only help you on your allowance but it also helps you save more money.

Look for businesses that are open for part time. Try to consider applying in fast food chains or grocery stores because they always have job offerings. 

You should also consider earning passive income. It’s not only a side business but it guarantees you an income you deserve. Click the link to read more.

If you have a job, I’m very sure you can save money.


Saving money is the best habit you have to develop while you’re young. 

Practicing this habit can slowly help you build wealth and financial freedom.

As early as now, you have to save money so that in case of emergency, you don’t have to go to a bank to beg for a loan. You have to save money for your future!

11 thoughts on “20 Easy Tricks to Save Money in 2021

  1. I agree with point 6, 7 and 9. In fact, I always strive to save a set amount of money to be put aside.

  2. With the pandemic and job loss, many are struggling to put food on the table. Being mindful of our spending is always the first best step. Enjoyed your post

  3. I really like how practical is your list. It’s powerful as it does really have anything to with money itself, but more about our mindset and the story we tell ourselves. Saying NO is a big one. Thanks for reminding me.

  4. I think no. 9 is a good indicator if you are doing a job well done.. In the first place, if you can’t really save then it means you are spending more than you can

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